Ecology and economy

coctails-opt-web-2013-10What is more important – impact on the environment or your own budget? With a Falkor 22 you can have both. Thanks to our smart choice of materials and technologies, Falkor 22 gives a positive answer to both of these questions. The Falkor is ecologically wise and fuel efficient.

Production Technology

3D vacuum infusion technology is a process in which the resin is not applied manually, but rather using a vacuum process that controls the emission of undesirable gases. This method of production results in up to 30% less impact on the environment compared to manual lamination.


In addition to the shipbuilding process, the environmental impact can be reduced by the long working life of the vessel. Materials resistant to osmosis, and carbon-fiber reinforcement, provide a rugged and durable hull. This is why the Falkor22 comes with a five-year guarantee.


Nature conservation is important to us. It starts with the design. Narrow elegant silhouette and innovative design solutions make Falkor 22 seem to “fly” on the sea without the need for a powerful engine. Together with the careful distribution of weight, which contributes to a pleasant and fast cruising, with Falkor you can spend your time at sea, not waiting at the petrol station queue.

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