Falkor boats are designed to excite and appeal to all fans of RIBs, along with those who have yet to encounter the pleasure of this type of vessel. By using the experience of the past and the technology of the future, the Falkor is a fusion of attractive design with economical fuel consumption and the ability to navigate rough seas.


The Falkor 22 is stable on the waves.
The Falkor 22 hull is deep and narrow, enabling excellent control and safety in rough conditions despite the relatively short length of 6,5m.


Falkor 22 achieves peak performance with significantly smaller engines compared to similar RIBs of its length. Part of the reason is in the technology of its production. The Falkor 22 manufacturing process uses 3D vacuum infusion, a process that provides a sturdy yet lightweight hull. In addition to this technology, the low fuel consumption is also a result of the design of the hull, which allows Falkor 22 to plane at low speeds using less power.

Attractive design

Falkor 22 is attractive boat for family trips and at the same time, a speedboat for sea adventures. It combines beauty with capabilities that can leave you breathless. In addition to beautiful Italian design, Falkor 22 has everything you need for enjoyment on the sea: a sun deck on the beam, large-capacity beam and stern storage, place for an ice chest under skipper seat, a bow anchor compartment, a self-draining cockpit, and many other useful features. Falkor 22 is extremely practical. It is narrow enough to be towed by an ordinary car and light enough to be launched from a boat ramp.

About the Designer

Falkor 22 was designed by Alessandro Chessa, the famous Italian naval designer and advocate of inflatable boats. Mr. Chesa is a regular writer for the Italian magazine Il Gommoni.