Top design

Falkor 22 is an attractive and economical vessel for family excursions and at the same time a racer for adventures on rough seas. It is a beautiful ship of excellent maritime abilities that will leave you breathless. Besides its appearance, that is the result of the Italian school of design, Falkor 22 has everything you need to enjoy the sea: a sundeck on the bow and stern, a large bow and stern tank, a room for the refrigerator under the skipper’s seat, anchor well, self-draining cockpit and many other useful solutions. Falkor 22 is extremely practical. It is narrow enough to tow it with your car and so light that two people can launch it in the sea or pull it out using the slipway.









Experience of flying

Falkor 22 achieves top performance with up to 30% weaker engine compared to similar dinghies of that length. The reason lies in its low weight achieved by the special manufacturing technology of the hull using the 3D vacuum infusion. The result is a light and at the same time extremely robust hull. Besides, Falkor 22 spares fuel thanks to the narrow design of the hull, with a step that makes it easier to lift it into gliding.


Stable on waves

Falkor 22 has a narrow and deep hull that allows for calm and safe navigation despite its relatively small length of 6.5 meters. Falkor 22 sits softly on the wave, without the characteristic bouncing and hitting against the sea surface.

Life is Beautiful.

To sail is necessary, to live is not necessary. – Navigare necesse est, vivete non est necesse.